''Youth for Seniors" concert

On November 27, 2019,a concert entitled "Youth for Seniors" was organized by Mr. Mariusz Węgrzynowski. Youth from Tomaszów's upper secondary schools performed for the seniors. The concert was hosted by Mrs. Beata Stańczyk - the Head of the Education and Sport Department in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Mr. Arkadiusz Broniarek - the Head of the Secondary School No 2 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Strengthening the key competences during a trip to Portugal

From November 3, 2019 till November 14, 2019, fourteen students and three teachers of the Secondary School Complex No. 1 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki participated in international mobility to the city of Barcelos in Portugal. This trip was a part of the "Youth - Competences - Success" project implemented as a part of the national project "Transnational Mobility of Students" - Operational Program Knowledge Education Development (PO WER). After completing the language and cultural preparatory classes in October, as well as psychological and pedagogical preparation and OHS training, our students implemented the main activity, which was to participate in joint classes with students of AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE BARCELOS - Escola Secundária in Portugal.

The trip combined with learning, was a great adventure and experience for our students , and at the same time an opportunity for their further personal development .

The project is another iniciative of the school, undertaken to improve the level of education and a way of showing students the international aspect of education and support their personal development.

Participants will soon present the results and products of the project at meetings with young people and teachers of other schools interested in the project. Now it's time to start preparations for the second project group that will go to Barcelos in March 2020.

Jacek Matyszewski - coordinator of the "Youth - Competence - Success" project

"Know your rights at work" competition - results

151 students took part in the school's stage of the "Know your rights at work" competition, organized by the National Labor Inspectorate in Łódź. The competition was conducted as part of the "Safety Culture" program . Participants of the competition faced questions connected with labor law, including health and safety regulations. The test developed by the School Competition Committee, consisted of 25 tasks.

The best were:

1. Bartosz Zając 3Met-24 points

2. Dominik Maciejek-4Met-22 points

3. Paweł Chojnacki 3Met-21 points

Bartosz and Dominik will represent our school in the regional stage of the competition.

The coordinator of the competition is Jacek Mrozicki.


101st anniversary of regaining independence by Poland

The school management, pupils and educators participated in the Independence Day celebrations. The celebrations began with a solemn mass in the church of Virgin Mary Queen of Poland, central patriotic celebrations took place on the Kosciuszko's square. At the end of patriotic celebrations, city, poviat and educational delegations laid flowers at the monument to the Legionnai

As a part of the celebration, students took part in the 15th Independence Run in our city.



School Athletics League

Gold medalists of the District Championships in the School Athletics League received medals and congratulations from the hands of the school's headmaster.


Remembering those who have passed away

The memory of people who have passed away, care for their graves and cemeteries is one of the most important evidence of our culture. As every year, students and teachers from our school cleaned graves of famous residents of Tomaszów and people who were close to our school.
On October 23, 2 Met together with Mrs. Dorota Bąbol, visited and tidied the grave of Tadeusz Klech (1922-1944), a commander of the Tomaszów AK district murdered by the Nazis.
On October 24, c3E, along with rs. Bożena Włodarczyk, tidied up the grave of the January Uprising veteran, teacher, Polish Army officer Gustaw Glesmann (1842–1928) and his son Leopold Glaesmann (1902–1920), who in 1920 fell in the battle with the Bolsheviks.
On October 30, 3H, together with rs. Beata Chwalińska, took care of the grave of priest Ludwik Zaytz (1834–1901), a priest from Tomaszów and a builder of the church of St. Antoni in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.
Traditionally, on the eve of All Saints, our students (this year class 2IT with Mrs. Marta Zieja) went to the Roman Catholic cemetery at Smutna Street. They visited the graves of deceased principals, teachers and students of our school. As a symbol of memory, they lit symbolic candles.
We remember  those close to our school.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Marta Zieja

Soldiers' graves

The cadets of the Technical College No. 1 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki remembered the graves of soldiers.

This year, military class cadet delegations traditionally went to nearby Spała. The purpose of this visit was to lay flowers, light candles and pay tribute to general Lieutenant Tadeusz Buk, the first commander of the 7th Regiment of Lublin Uhlans in Tomaszów, a later commander of land forces who died in the presidential plane crash near Smolensk.
Other delegations of our school's cadets visited the graves and memorials of known and unknown soldiers, especially those under the sign of the  7th regiment, killed in the fight for our independence and freedom.
Let us remember these graves and memorials, because they are a part of our history, and younger generations must those who have gone to eternal guard, far from their homeland.
 Sławomir Miszczuk

British Cadet Forces

On October 30, 2019, representatives of the British Cadet Forces represented by Lt. Col. Jimmy Beggs, (from the Ministry of National Defense of Great Britain) director of the Pro-Defense Office of Waldemar Zubek and commander of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade General Adam Marczak and the commander of the Military Supplement Command in Tomaszów Mazowiecki met with teaching staff and cadets of the school's military clas. The meeting took place in our school.

The guests got acquainted with the conditions in which our cadets train, the classrooms and the history of military classes in our school. Our guests were greatly interested in the principles of both theoretical and practical training of cadets . Our cadets presented a sample of their drill and melee skills. The visit was related to the participation of our school's students in an international training camp organized by the Ministry of National Defense together with the Tomaszów air cavalry brigade, as part of international cooperation in defense education of youth

Trip to the Holiday Inn Hotel in Łódź

On October 28, 2019, class III H students, along with Mrs. Beata Chwalińska and Mrs. Hanna Drewniak, visited Hotel **** of the Intercontinental Hotels Group chain. Students were familiarized with the equipment and the principles of the facility. They had the opportunity to see single and double rooms with a King Size bed, a living unit with two beds, an Executive Room with a King Size bed and a Junior Suite. In addition, students visited modern conference rooms with various configurations of settings and area.


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