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In the interwar period, there was no vocational school in the city of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and the surrounding area. Young people gained preparation for the profession in craft workshops and workplaces. In 1922, to meet the needs of young people studying and working, a Municipal Vocational Training School was established in our city. It was located at 57 Św. Antoniego street (in the building of the State Teachers' Seminary). Mr Jan Piotrowski was the organizer and the headmaster of the school.

Jan Piotrowski

Students paying for their studies had so-called term. The school did not have full-time teachers, they were recruited from other schools in Tomaszów. During the Nazi occupation, only secret teaching was carried out. Students were taught  general knowledge, and above all Polish and our nation's history.

Stefan Kiełbasiński

After the war had ended, the school run under the supervision of Mr Stefan Kiełbasiński. In 1947, girls started school for the first time. They were educated in the newly opened tailoring department, and after a short time also at the hairdressing and vocational ones. During this period, the school received the name "Public Secondary Vocational School". Efforts were being made to acquire rooms for school workshops for the mechanical faculty. They resulted in the acquiring of a building at 19/23 Farbiarska street, which also included tailoring workshops. The importance of the school grew constantly, the school's head Stefan Kiełbasiński received the distinction of the Lodz District Board of Trustees . The number of students also increased, in 1946 378 people (including 119 girls) attended the school.


The 1950s saw further changes in the school's organizational structure. The electrical profile has been added to the existing ones, mechanical and clothing. The school changed its name to National Vocational School. From the beginning of the school year, schooling took place not in the evening, as it was before, but in the daytime. Young people had  theoretical classes three times a week, and practical classes on other days. The location also chanded. The school now was situated in the former Augsbach manufactory and a 2-storey building at 12 Armii Czerwona street, where school workshops were located.
In 1952, the school changed its name again to Basic Electrical School.

Jan Gajda

he 1952/53 school year brought a change in the position of the headteacher. Mr. Jan Gajda set himself the goal of making the school the best in the shortest possible time. Within three years the goal was achieved, the curriculum in all subjects was completely implemented.

The first building in which school workshops for the mechanical faculty were located

In 1955, the school's name was changed again to. Young people were educated in the following fields: turner, locksmith, salesman. Over the years, the school improved  in the field of teaching aids and subject rooms. However, there was still no space for P.E. lessons. A school's lounge was provisionally used for this purpose.
Further changes to the school's naming were as follows:


In 1956, the school changed its name to the "Basic School of Agricultural Mechanization".
In 1957, the school changed its name to "School of Construction Crafts", new faculties were opened: a turner, a locksmith, a bricklayer, and the next year an additional ones for plumbers, installers and shop salesmen.
In 1960, the school changed its name to "Basic Chemical School" with two fields of study: metal and chemical.

Ireneusz Gałecki

In 1962, Ireneusz Gałecki took the position of the headteacher. With the start of his term, the school came back to its former headquarters 29 Św. Antoniego street. Thanks to the considerable help of the Parent Committee, the gym was renovated.From 01.06.1965 the school was known as  Basic Vocational School No. 1. One of the serious and pioneering achievements of the school in these years, even before formal and official settlement of some matters related to secondary school-leaving examinations in technical schools, was the introduction of compulsory pre-graduate (diploma) work on vocational training. The first secondary school-leaving examination took place in 1966, and a year later the graduates of the 5-year Technical Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering pass the first secondary school-leaving examination. The school was still developing and increasing the number of fields of education.

Jan Dorociak

In 1970, Jan Dorociak, the deputy director of the School of Building Crafts, was appointedas the headteacher. From the first days of office, the new director began strenuous efforts to allocate funds for the complete renovation of the rooms and further expansion of the school. The second floor of the main building was added. In the 1972/73 school year, a new training and educational unit was created as part of the Basic Vocational School - 4-year High School with specialization in "machining mechanics".

In the 1975/76 school year, the school changed its name to Vocational School Complex No. 1, which together with the Vocational High School housed five program units: Basic Metal School, 5-year Mechanical Secondary School, 3-year Mechanical Secondary School and 3- summer for Workers.

In 1976, construction of sports halls in the former Piotrków Province begins

It should be noted that our school has many sporting achievements. This is confirmed by numerous cups, trophies and individual awards. An example would be a student of vocational high school - Wanda Panfil, who in 1991 became a world champion in marathon. Other well-known in the world of sport are: volleyballers - Zieliński, Jarzębski, Kaniewski, Pawelec, Orczyk, Baranowicz, Sokołowski; Radke - a multiple representative of Poland in speed skating, as well as many, many others. Jan Dorociak, a great enthusiast and friend of the youth, made a huge contribution to sporting youth, along with great PE teachers. It was thanks to his efforts that the construction of the sports hall went smoothly and was completed in 1982. The school could boast of a modern building.

The ceremony of giving the school Tadeusz Kościuszko's name

On November 27, 1982, the school community experienced great moments: giving the school the name of General Tadeusz Kościuszko, the School Banner, with the image of the patron, was funded by the Parent Committee. The name given to the school was not accidental. The patron was selected through a competition - a plebiscite conducted among schoolchildren. The, then headmaster of the school Jan Dorociak quoted on that day the words of the patron: "A citizen who wants to pride himself on being a good Pole should sacrifice everything for his homeland, always be human and just." Over the following years, school life followed the rhythm set by school events, celebrations, trips, extracurricular activities, successes, and sometimes failures of students.





Andrzej Szymczak

In 1989, this peaceful course of events was disturbed by the death of Jan Dorociak, the school's headteacher, a great teacher and a respected supervisor. The functions of school head for the next nine years was taken over by Mr Andrzej Szymczak. During his term, the School Complex was enriched by a new type of a Hotel Technical School, which undoubtedly contributed to beautifying the face of the facility, as mainly girls were interested in this new profile. Although it was a new challenge for vocational education, soon the students of this school began to succeed at olympiads and competitions in vocational subjects and more.


Grażyna Haraśna

In 1999, Grażyna Haraśna, a mathematics teacher, took the headteacher's position. Thanks to her efforts in 2000, the School Complex offered primary school graduates an innovative high school with a defensive slope. Also in 2000, recruitment to the Technical Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering,constituting the core of education for years. ceased. This was related to changes in the labor market and changing social needs in the field of education.


Ryszard Rupniewski

In 2002, the first lower secondary school graduates crossed the school thresholds, thus reforming the education system entered the school. The school changed its name to Complex of Upper Secondary Schools No. 1. In 2004, an agreement was signed with the school ROC Ter AA from Helmond in the Netherlands regarding cooperation on the exchange of students and teachers from both schools. In 2005, the school opened to new labor markets, and therefore new vocational training courses were opened: IT and mechatronic. An important event in the school's life was the ceremonial opening and commissioning of the new didactic building, which took place on September 3, 2012. The school has been enriched by 18 subject laboratories, mainly professional: hotel, mechatronics, teleinformatics, electronics, electrics and welding. The building is connected with other buildings by glazed connectors. Parking spaces, recreation places for young people and a school playground were also created.


Dariusz Kwiatkowski


The 2013/14 school year brought a change in the position of the school's head, it was an experienced PE teacher, Dariusz Kwiatkowski. The new head began his office by raising funds for the development of a teaching base for the professional development of students as well as refurbishment and equipment of classrooms.
In the 2014/15 school year, under a cooperation agreement with the Military Unit 4391-7 Ułanów Lubelskie Squadron in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, a new education profile was opened - IT class - military class. The innovation is the uniforms of students attending this class.


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Although 90 years have passed, teachers, educators and parents must answer the following questions:
Who do we want to educate, what kind of man, what character traits to equip him with, what knowledge about him, about people, about the world, that he would become a participant and co-creator of homeland and European culture? How to prepare him for adulthood

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