Angels of Recycling


On Tuesday (24 September), as part of the nationwide campaign 'Adult learning days', artistic workshops, entitled ‘Angels of Recycling’, took place in our school. The workshops were conducted by Ladies from the Association of Retirees, Pensioners and Invalids: Alicja Lewandowska and Barbara Adamczyk. Representatives of the entire school community took part in them: teaching staff, administration and service staff, students and parents. The coordinators of the undertaking were: Anetta Holc and Iwona Poganowska. We would like to thank Mrs Agnieszka Dziedzic, the Deputy Head - for support and good spirit of the action, as well as Mrs Małgorzata Wuls and Mrs Hanna Drewniak - for preparing sweet snacks. The meeting lasted 1.5 hours, took place in a joyful and creative atmosphere, and its effects are shown in the pictures.

Anetta Holc






Cyber security and IT competition

The competition consists of two stages - school and final, and a study visit for the top 20 finalists.

Stage I - solving a test. The school stage takes place on October 23, 2019. at. 12.00.

Stage II - the final will be held in Warsaw on November 21, 2019.

The winners will be awarded valuable prizes and invited, together with their teachers for a free two-day visit to Warsaw, during which they will visit selected ministries, institutions and companies related to IT and cyber security.

For students interested in participating in the competition, please report to Mrs I.Osuch room 124


Historical Contest for Grade 1 Students

Historical Contest for Grade 1 Students
-'Tadeusz Kościuszko – the patron of our school'

Maintaining the tradition of our school, we encourage students of all first grades to display their representations in the competition dedicated to the figure of Tadeusz Kościuszko. The competition will take place on October 9, 2019 and is to celebrate the patron of our school, which will be accompanied by taking the oath by grade 1 students.

The organizers of the competition are history teachers: Mrs J. Kryszewska and Mr R. Kołczyński

Objectives of the competition:

- celebration of the School's Patron Day

- encouraging school students to deepen their knowledge about one of the most important figures in Polish history

- cultivating school traditions related to the patron of the school

Competition regulations:

- the competition will involve solving a test with open and closed tasks; the time allowed time is 45 minutes

- three-person representations of all first classes take part in the competition

- each class chooses its own representatives (in consultation with the tutor)

- competition will take place individually, where each student will fight for the victory on his own;

- parallel competition between classes will also take place (points of team members of a given class will be added); the first class will be awarded

- all information about the competition is provided by the organizers

For more information visit:;3926440.html



IT Contest Bóbr 2019

The next edition of the International ‘Bóbr’ IT Competition is ahead of us!

The questions in the Beaver competition are generally related to the use of the computer and its software in solving various situations and problems from various applications and teaching subjects such as: mother tongue, foreign language, geography, history, art, technology and of course mathematics. Many questions allow students to demonstrate algorithmic thinking skills.

I invite you to register your participation in the competition and learn about the competition tasks from previous years, archival tasks are available on the educational platform ( Registration for the rehearsal of the competition until Monday 30 September, registration for the competition until Friday 8 November at I. Ouchuch p. 124.


information about the contest

Schedule of the International ‘Bóbr’ IT Competition 2019:

  • 01 October at 12.00-13.00 - trial Beaver Competition (the trial test is an opportunity for students, teachers and schools to check the preparations for the competition in technical and organizational terms).
  • November 12, from 12.00 to 13.00 - Beaver Competition 2019! At the same time, participants of Beaver competitions from all countries of the Northern Hemisphere begin to perform tasks.
  • December 2019 - announcement of the results of the competition.
  • March 2020 - closing ceremony of the competition combined with awarding prizes to the winners.

Multitest German Competition


We encourage all willing students to take part in the MULTITEST German Competition.
The competition will take place on October 24, 2019.
The competition takes the form of a multiple-choice test consisting of 26 questions. There are 4 options for each question.

Detailed information is provided by German language teachers, you can also check the link:

Submissions: Mrs. Iwona Poganowska and Mrs. Anetta Holc



On 19.09.2019r. elections were held for the Chairman of the Student Union of the Technical college No. 1. The Student Electoral Commission collected votes of our students in a specially prepared ballot box. 730 students took part in the election, 708 valid votes were cast. After counting the votes, the Election Commission composed of Błażej Koselnik, Magdalena Kosior and Maja Gorzeń, gives the final results of the election:

1. Antoni Jagieliński – the Chairman
2. Patryk Bożyk
3. Michał Kaczorowski

All the best to our new chairman!

Karolina Greszel i Małgorzata Wuls

Educational Project- Ceramika Paradyż


18 września 2019r. został podpisany list intencyjny, dzięki któremu firma Ceramika Paradyż sp. z o.o. objęła patronatem klasę w Zespole Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych nr 1 im Tadeusza Kościuszki o kierunku „Technik Mechatronik”.
W uroczystości podpisania listu uczestniczyli: Prezes Zarządu Ceramiki Paradyż sp. z o.o. Pan Adam Tępiński, Dyrektor Kadr i Płac Pani Justyna Wijata, Starosta Tomaszowski Pan Mariusz Węgrzynowski, Członek Zarządu Powiatu Tomaszowskiego Pan Michał Czechowicz oraz Dyrektor Zespołu Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych nr 1 im. Tadeusza Kościuszki Pan Dariusz Kwiatkowski.

On September 8, 2019 a letter of intent was signed, thanks to which Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C. took the patronage of the class in Tadeusz Kościuszko Technical College No. 1 in the field of Mechatronics Technician.

The ceremony of signing the letter was attended by: President of the Management Board of Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C. Mr. Adam Tępiński, HR and Payroll Director Mrs. Justyna Wijata, the Head of County of Tomaszów Mr. Mariusz Węgrzynowski, Member of the Management Board of the Tomaszowski District Mr. Michał Czechowicz and the Head of the Technicall Colledge No. 1, Mr. Dariusz Kwiatkowski.

Year 1 students who participated in the meeting were solemnly welcomed by Director Justyna Wijata. She familiarized everyone with the day ahead and gave start packages to each student.

Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C.was presented in an extremely interesting way, by Mr. Piotr Stępniak, Training Specialist thanks to whom students had the opportunity to learn about the history and development of the company.

The production process was presented by: Mr Krzysztof Gnyś Technical Director and Mr Jacek Czapnik Implementation Technologist.

Mr. Daniel Gorzeń Retail Sales Manager and Ms Ewelina Goździk Interior Designer,presented the process of creating interior design projects

Mr. Piotr Wołynkiewicz, Logistics Director and Mr. Michał Broniarek, Master of the Finished Products Warehouse Section, were responsible for discussing the logistics process and familiarizing with the high storage warehouse machine park. The students could see the automated machines up close.

At the end of the visit, Director Justyna Wijata said goodbye to the whole group.
The trip was also attended by: The Deputy Head Mrs Jolanta Nikodemska, Year 1 form teacher Mrs. Iwona Opałka, teacher of vocational subjects Mr. Hubert Gąćkowski and practical training manager Mrs Sylwia Błoch.

A five-year educational program of Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C. was created in close cooperation with the school authorities. Its purpose is to help students from the Łódź Voivodeship to find attractive employment.
Thanks to the patronage of Ceramika Paradyż L.L. C. students of our school will be able to learn about the world's most modern production technologies, which at the very beginning of their professional career, will have a unique combination of knowledge and experience that will provide them with greater comfort of work.

Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C is a global company, thus cares for the development and future of local communities.
Technical College No. 1in Tomaszów Mazowiecki is a school open to the needs of the labor market and strives to provide school students with the widest range of opportunities to acquire knowledge, broaden competences and gain professional experience. Entering into cooperation with Ceramika Paradyż L.L.C. is a good example of this.


Lifelong learning is an endless journey

From 15 September to 15 October, the campaign 'Adult learning days' was carried out all over Poland. The aim of the campaign is to increase the educational activity of adults, develop the habit of continuous learning and promote learning as an attractive way of spending free time. Our school is also applying for the title of campaign partner. As part of the campaign, there will be a "Science Week with TC no. 1!" The program is presented below. We invite all interested people to participate in the project!




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